Gift Aid and Donations

How can you financially support your Parish?

Below are three forms:

The first form has a Gift Aid Declaration (blue section) - and on this form you can also choose how you would like to give to your parish: by using weekly envelopes,, Bankers Order or Direct Debit.

To register for Gift Aid, please complete the blue section of the form.

If you wish to pay by Standing Order, please complete the relevant section underneath the blue Gift Aid section, as well as the  blue Gift Aid Declaration. 

If you wish to pay by Direct Debit, then please complete the Direct Debit Mandate as well as the blue Gift Aid Declaration. 

Please return all of your completed forms to the Parish Office.

Hard copies of the forms are available from the Office.

As you may know, Gift Aid is a way of getting back from the Taxman some of the tax you have already paid! The Government operates a scheme called Gift Aid that allows charities to claim the basic rate tax on every pound donated. So if you gave £10, it means that you’ll actually be giving £12.50.Giving under Gift Aid means that so much more money can be raised at no extra cost to our donors.

The parish can claim 25% of your giving as Gift Aid - which is a tremendous help!

This also applies to all the special collections that we hold - all of the charities will be able to claim 25%

of your donation or we can claim it on their behalf.

Remember: it won't cost you any extra!

The Parish relies on the generosity of its parishioners for its very existence.

May God bless you.

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