Catholic Young People

Sometimes it’s Hard to be a Catholic!

And this is especially true for the young people in our parish.  Growing strong in the Faith needs weekly Mass and daily prayer but also a place where young people are free to express and explore their beliefs.  Following discussion with those who were recently Confirmed a new group has been created.  It is called ‘The Ark’ and will get together regularly after the 10:30am Sunday Mass in the parish hall on the following dates:

1st of October What is being a Catholic all about?; 5th of November How are we Christ the King?

and 3rd of December What is Advent and Christmas?

Though each meeting is themed there will be free time for discussion and exchange of ideas so feel free to bring those along too!  Each session will run until 1:30pm with a break for lunch so, it you’re coming, please bring a packed lunch. 

For more details or if you have any questions please contact Jeremy LeLean on 07917768145 or

Being a Catholic Parent Today

No one gives you a manual of how to be a parent, much less a Catholic one.  But as part of Baptism we promise to train our children in the practice of the Faith and bring them up to obey the ten commandments.  This is, very often, more difficult in practice.  Are we sure we’re teaching the right thing?   What if my children are asking me questions I don’t know the answers to?  The parish is here to help!  From this October there’ll be an opportunity for parents to come together and share knowledge on how best to pass on the Faith to our children.  Each session will last about 45 minutes and sessions will be held twice each month to enable as many people as possible to attend.  The dates and topics are as follows: ‘How do I talk to God?’  Tuesday the 10th October at 7:30pm / Saturday  21st October at 1:30pm

‘How does God talk to me?’  Tuesday 7th November at 7:30pm / Saturday the 18th November 1:30pm

‘How does God Come to Us?’  Tuesday the 5th December at 7:30pm / Saturday 16th December at 1:30pm

For more details please contact Jeremy LeLean on 07917768145 or


Youth Sunday with Bishop Philip

26th November at 6.00pm: "Youth Sunday with Bishop Philip".

Bishop Philip invites young adults (16-35) from around the Diocese to join him at the Cathedral for Mass and an evening of inspiring talks and social. This is a great opportunity to network with other Catholic students from around the Diocese and connect to events further afield. St John's Cathedral, £7pp (includes food and drinks).

A full calendar of events is available at: